In her early childhood Dorota Rucinska’s passion for music has been awakened. She was born and grew up in Thorn a college town in Poland, which is known for the rich cultural programs and events, among other activities are two well known regular music festivals.

As a little girl in nursery school Dorota’s gravity to music was noticeable when she spontaneously started to sing when her nursery school teacher played the piano. After her first performances at school and church concerts in her hometown, at the age of 9, she also participated in national singing competitions, where she preformed with her guitar.

Dorota’s strong connection with music continues in her youth. With her band „SHIR HAS“, in which she also played acoustic and electric guitar, she’s achieved numerous concerts, including in Germany, and released an album with cover songs in 2003. She finds her musical inspiration in the Soul Rock. The collaboration with a multitude of talented musicians motivates her to continue her training as a singer.

Dorota showed her vocal development in her participation in Germany’s biggest casting show, (DSDS, „Germany Seeks the Superstar“) where she made it into the Recall in 2015. Her performance was very positively evaluated by the jury, as the professional review by jury member Dieter Bohlen pointing out: „Your voice is one of the few who can really perform every song and you’re the best example of being able to sing with a lot of volume without much effort…

Supported by her sound vocal training, Dorota has been able to develop a powerful, yet very emotional and vividly singing voice through regular training.

According to Dorota, singing is closely linked to the experience of happiness and individual freedom. The feeling of reaching the audience with her songs and sharing some beautiful moments with them are their greatest inspiration and the motivation to continue her way as a singer.

At the moment, she is working together with many talented musicians in the studio and live with various cover songs at various events, including company celebrations, weddings, quarter festivals and many other special events.

Dorota sings to instrumentals, in duo with guitar / piano or in a band, also with backing vocals. Her repertoire covers the entire range of soul rock, pop, pop rock and acoustic.